Rosemary and Rue


rrThis is the first book on my TBR pile for the TBR challenge. After reading my last book I thought that I could do with something a little more lite and fun. While Rosemary and Rue written by Seanan Mcguire is an urban fantasy mystery. It was a fun enjoyable book.

I liked the setting, I love going to San Francisco and reading about the places that I have been makes a book more enjoyable for me. I am not sure what to say about the book that would not give much of the plot away. This book focuses on the mystery and setting up the world for future books to follow. There was not a romance in this volume and I hope that this continues on in the other books. I have started reading many books like this only to have them a book or two in turn into a love story with mystery added as an after thought. I am hoping that this author can keep the focus on the mysteries of the world and not on who is sleeping with who.

So far I am enjoying her characters and her world. I will keep on reading the books as I can find the time.


2 thoughts on “Rosemary and Rue

  1. I’ve been loving this series. Romance does get added in but it fits well in my opinion. Glad you liked the first one.

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