Top Ten Tuesday Halloween

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This weeks question over at The Broke and The Bookish is what are your top ten books and movies to get into the Halloween spirit. Ohh this one is good.

#1 Watcher in the Woods, it is a Disney movie that still to this day scares the crap out of me and my sister. It was released in 1980. Yes, Walt Disney.

#2 The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson I re-read this every few years, it is just that good.

#3  Adams Family Values I love that movie but Wednesday makes it for me.

#4 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Headless guy, horses, what is not to love.

#5 The Raven by Edgar ALlen Poe I know people will say this is overdone but it is great when read out loud by candle light.

#6 The Tomb of Ligeia this had Vincent Price in it. Need I say more.

#7 The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck I love this book “Sleeping lies the child of glass”. That poem still creeps me out.

#8 Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Ly Fanu Vampire book where the vampire is a girl. LOVE IT!

#9 Evil Dead  The Bruce Campbell need I say more.

#10 Scooby-Doo, Where are You! all 25 episodes


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