Top Ten Places Books Have Made Us Want To Visit

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I am going to try and participate in Top Ten Tuesday. I know that today is Wednesday, but I was so busy yesterday that I did not get this done.

1. Ireland. Not only is it where my family is from but I love the old tales, the myths.

2. Scotland. For much as the same reason as Ireland.

3. Hogwarts. I think everyone I know would want to go here and for different reasons.

4. Middle Earth. Hobbits, Dragons, adventure and lots of walking.

5. Cherek. I have always wanted to meet Pol, the Old Wolf and Silk.

6. Marvel. Ok, I know it is not a land and that many of the stories take place in the US, but I would love to meet some of the superheroes.

7. Newford. I know that this town does not exist but I love it anyway. Charles de Lint has created an amazing world.

8. The Forgotten Realms. Oh, Waterdeep how you have taken me on many adventures.

9. Alderaan. Before the Death Star blew it up.

10. Avalon. King Arthur, Merlin. it is more about Merlin.


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