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I read Ash by James Herbert for R.I.P. I had wanted to read The Dark by the same author, however the library did not have a copy of that book. So I chose Ash from a list of James Herbert’s’ books. I was hoping for something as scary as his book The Secret of Crickley Hall this was not that frightening.

It turns out that David Ash is a reoccurring character in two other books, and this I did not realize until I was about a 3 or 4 chapters into the book. Ash worked well as a stand alone novel there were just a few times that the protagonists past was brought up and that did not distract from the story. I hate to tell spoilers, and encourage people to go read the synopsis of a book the see for themselves if this is a book that is interesting to read. With Ash this is more than a little difficult to do as the main plot of the story is so intertwined in the background of all the supporting characters.

I will say that those who are into conspiracy theory will LOVE it. I enjoyed the book, I just wish that it had had the terror that Crickley Hall did.


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