Stumptown Vol 1

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If I have my math right this is the last book I needed to read for my TBR challenge. I am going to have to double check but I do think that I am done. Woohoo.

Now, on the Stumptown Vol 1 by Greg Rucka. This is a graphic novel by one of my favorite comic/Graphic novel author Greg Rucka. This story is about a woman who vanished, she left her car and took her shampoo bottle. The heroine of the story is Dex. Dex is named after her mothers favorite thing.

This is well written, well drawn. The art work was most fascinating as I could see in Portland of where I have been. For those who do not know Stumptown is a nickname for Portland Or. It is called that because when the town was being built it had more tree stumps than people or building.

This is a graphic novel that I would not let a small child read as it is a bit violent there are fist fights and gun violence. They do fit the story, and help with the setting, they are not just added to be filler. That is one thing I enjoy about Mr. Rucka’s writing, nothing is just placed in there for filler. If you pick this book up I hope that you enjoy it.


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