I did not finish a book.

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For R.I.P one of the books that I chose. The first book that I read was NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. I am not linking to this book as I do not think that it should be linked to. I am going to start with the good.

I loved the story line, the idea behind the book. A good and evil that both just had to have what they wanted. A hero that was flawed in who she was made to be by her life choices and upbringing.  The evil that in order to survive had to do something awful. I enjoyed the play between the characters, and how they worked together. I so wanted to finish this book.

The reason why I was not able to finish the book was because of the sexual assault that was written. Oh, it was not graphic as some other books I have quit reading. I am not naïve enough to know that sexual assault does not happen. I know it is out there, I know that it is something that many people have to deal with. I have to deal with it at my job.

In my time, my limited reading time I choose not to read about things that I have to deal with at work. I am hoping that the next book I have coming is a good ghost story.


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