People who don’t know me think that I am an RN. Then they make fun of all of the things that I do in my job. They say all that I do is wipe asses, the do not have any idea that what I do for 12 solid hours is give.

I give encouragement to the ones who are nervous or afraid to get up after surgery. I give a sense of trust that I can be trusted to keep them safe to meet all of the needs that they have. I give my hands for people to hold, for people to use as they cannot use their own. I give emotional support I am the one who your anger is directed to when things do not go your way. I am the one that is there when you cry over the news that came back from the test the doctor ordered. I give my body so that your may be better. Even though I way half of what you do I can pick your 400lb body up and move it because you have gotten so big you cannot move yourself. You do not see the pain that causes me, because I am there to give all that I have for you, so that you can get better for it.

As a giver this is what I get. I get assaulted physically kicked, hit, punched, urinated upon, spat at, pinched and bitten. I get sexually assaulted and hit on then when the advances are not appreciated then anger follows. I get emotionally abused called things like a whore, slut, and accused of just being there to cause pain, torture when that is what I am not there for at all. I get things thrown at me, cups full of water or other nasty things. I get yelled at for not bringing apple juice to you fast enough, because I stopped to do CPR on someone who quit breathing.

I am expected to not show that this affects me; I am expected to smile, to be pleasant, to be helpful. Inside I am screaming, I am in pain, I am in need. I am second. I am not important. I do not count. I am forgotten.


3 thoughts on “Giver

  1. Your employer needs to have a strict zero tolerance policy for abuse. Are you unionized? Abuse from patients should never be allowed to pass without an authority figure stepping in to correct the situation.

    • It is more complicated than that. We can file charges but the courts drop them stating that someone ill is not of sound mind. Then we cannot also kick someone out when they are to ill or have no place to go.

  2. After having a few surgeries in the last two years I can only say how much I appreciate the nursing and care staff for each and every one of them. I have been blessed with incredibly kind and knowledgeable staff who, as you say, have given me both physical and emotional support.

    I am really dismayed to hear that medical staff has to endure so much negativity and abuse. I have always worked in public service so I have a sense of that, but wow, it’s seems like if someone is in their most vulnerable position as a patient, it would behoove them to be kind to those who are taking care of them.

    I am sorry you have to deal with that. And thank you for continuing to care in spite of it.

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