A Guilty Pleasure Confession



I have a guilty pleasure and this is my confession. It is not books, it is not coffee I proudly talk about those. No, my guilty pleasure is shared by millions, well I would like to think so. My guilty pleasure – – – bad movies that are so bad they are good. This is a broad spectrum of movie horror, deadly disaster, cult, and the like.

Some of them are simply amazing, the ones where the disaster involves rain it is pouring so hard that the windshield wipers cannot keep up. The outside shot of the car shows a deluge, with wait for it DRY PAVEMENT! There is always a car run with explosions and once the car wrecks it is like magic the explosions stop. There is always some kid usually someone who is a preteen or just a bit older and they somehow have something that can help save the day. It is the improbability of the science behind the disaster or what fixes the disaster that amazes me.

In the old horror movies from the 1950’s on up before there was CGI the effects are bad. Seeing the zipper on the suit of a monster, or a giant bug that the flying wires are visible on stuff like this sends me into fits of glee. I know when these movies came out they were so scary that they had warnings on them. DO NOT SEE IF YOU HAVE A HEART CONDITION was one of them. I also love the thrillers of time ago, they were not all about the blood and guts, they were about the things you never see under the bed, and that you still never see at the end of the movie. After those I cannot sleep.

This is my confession to you. Sure I will watch the latest big hit and love it, but I will also watch the low budget, badly written, bad graphics and all. Anyone want to come over and watch Poultryguist, Red Neck Zombies, or 10.5?


4 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure Confession

  1. You’re brave to admit it in public.

    • I know, but it had to get out there. Every time I talk about these movies to my Honey I can hear her eyes roll into the back of her head.

  2. When I was a kid a saw House on Haunted Hill and it terrified me. I had nightmares and would not watch any horror movies for years. Then I watched it with my grown children, warning them how scary it was. They are still laughing at me. I couldn’t believe how bad the acting and the effects were. It was embarrassing. Still, I wonder if 20 years from now, the effects that we now think are amazing, will once again seem pretty lame in light of technical advances.

    • I was 4 when I first saw The House on Haunted Hill, I love that move and still do. In 20 years time the CGI of today is going to look so fake and bad that they will be laughable.

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