My Thoughts on the TBR Challenge

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I love the TBR Challenge hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader. The 15th of each  month is the date that we are to check in on do a post on what we have read for the challenge if we have yet read anything. January 15th is the day the sign up closes and it is the best day for me ever. That is the day I go from blog to blog to see what everyone is reading. I love seeing what books that are on my list that are on others, or if anyone is reading on of my favorite authors. There are many of the same books on the lists, books that are or were popular that got shoved to the back are re-pulled out to be given another chance. One thing that I am amazed about is the amount of books on the lists that are classics.

Classics that I read in High School. Austin, Shakespeare, Dumas, and others. I know my son had to read some of the classics in High School. In fact I got into an argument with the teacher over the books that he was to read. All of them were romance books. He was given he list of Romeo and Juliet, Emma, Jane Eyre and more along that like. I had to fight to get her to let him read books that he would be interested in. Macbeth, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, and Gulliver’s Travels. Why I had to fight her on reading this, is that she had never read them herself. When I asked her why she told me that the books were evil and that no one should read them. That still makes my head hurt.

Did I just have an unusual reading habit or are teachers not being allowed to teach the classics anymore or did students not read the assigned books in school?


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