Shadowrun Introduction



Every Saturday as long as none of us are sick or we have to be out of town a group of six of us get together and play games. I do not mean monopoly or scrabble, do not get me wrong they are fun games just not the ones that we play. Shadowrun is kind of like Dungeons and Dragons but it is set in the future where guns and magic and dragons and corporations all live. Now with D&D to play a character is created then to play you act out what that character would do given the story that the DM is telling, the same thing happens in Shadowrun. In D&D the dice (D) are all of polyhedral  there are the six sided die, then there are also 4, 8,10,12, 20 and others. In Shadowrun we just use d6 (a dice that is 6 sided) and there are a lot of them.

There are a lot of rules, so many rules that there are books upon books on them. That is where the fun begins, as everyone who games knows that the story trumps the rules. That is what this kind of gaming is all about the story, sure the rules are important. The rules set the limit, the dice tell if you achieved your goal or not. There are a set of books out called “chose your own adventure”. Read a page at the bottom of the page it says some thing like “to go to the cave turn to page 23, to go to the beach turn to page 32”. They were so fun to read and they were not well thought of in our house, I had to read them at school.

As a reader I love a good story so why would I not play a game where I am part of the story. Where I can have a deciding factor in the out come.  While the game is fun and I love playing what I love more is seeing my friends, eating good food with them, and a few beers.





2 thoughts on “Shadowrun Introduction

  1. Does the story (game) ever end?

    • Yes and no. The characters can die, then a new one needs to be created to play a long game. There are books out there called pre-mods. They are stories written by people that can take an hour or two to complete or a few days. If our character lives we just keep them and go on to the next adventure. Like reading a book series. Same main characters different story line.

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