Forced Confinment


When I signed up for this surgery I knew that there would be a recovery period. I just did not know that it would drive me nuts, well that is not the exact term that I would use. More like bored out of my mind. My surgery was last Friday, not a big deal really but for most of the weekend I did not want to do much but sleep. A few days ago I started feeling better but not better enough to concentrate on anything.

That means I have been watching a lot of TV. My brain feels like it has been turned to mush, I have learned many things. I have learned in watching My Cat From Hell, that there are people out there who should not have animals. I have learned that there are people willing to find out all they can about their animal to help them have a better life.

I have learned that if I have to watch something I will watch British TV over American TV any day. The actors are more realistic looking, the writing is much better, the stories are so much better.  It is not all about sex and who sleeps with who it is all about the interactions with others, or the mystery of the story.

I have learned that because I watch British Drama, Netflix puts cartoons up for me to watch. I do not understand where watching Doc Martin  or All Creatures Great and Small links me to Bleach, but oh well.

The good news is that tomorrow I can go out. I still will not be able to workout and I miss my Fit Freaks, but after next Friday I can start to at least walk. I don’t mean a putter walk I mean walk to the coffee shop and back that is just over 3 miles. I should quit whining and go fix some lunch.


2 thoughts on “Forced Confinment

  1. Whine all you want. I think the CIA could use American TV as an effective torture tactic. Except for an occasional sporting event, I never turn it on.

    Returning to exercise and activity after surgery can be slow, but it does come back. Don’t rush it.

    I do hope, now that you can go out and walk a bit,, that your weather is cooperating. Only moose are venturing out where I live.

    • Hi, I have not seen you in a long time. I am glad that you are still around.

      I am not going to rush it. I want this to work so badly for the long run.

      We are having the typical weather here. Rain and bout 45F. So it is perfect. Be safe in the storm that is coming your way.

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