First Book of the Year


Name of the Rose


I love the move The Name of the Rose it stars Sean Connery and Christian Slater in a medieval monastery  that is both strange, familiar and very spooky.  I can almost smell the scents in the movie the smoke, the mud, and the gore. It is a very gory movie.

I have tried a few times to read this book but I have never sat down with the goal in mind to finish it. This year no this month this book is my goal. The difficulty for me is not the story I love the idea of the story, it is the authors writing style or it could be the fact that it is translated from Italian to English and some translations loose something in that process.

So good luck to me, and to all the reader out there who have picked a book that they want to read but might be having trouble with.


13 thoughts on “First Book of the Year

  1. I’ve never heard of this book, or the movie, which is surprising since I love those actors. Happy Reading!

    • You have to see if you can find the movie, it is an older one and I do not think it got a lot of time in the theaters.

  2. I read this book many years ago when it was first published. The first 100 pages are a tough, tough slog. Very dry, full of facts and dull minutiae. But don’t give up — persevere! After you get through them, the book turns into a delightful, fast-moving mystery/detective novel. I once read an interview with the author where he said that the first 100 pages were made deliberately hard to get through so that only the most persistent reader would be “rewarded” with the fun part of the book. And you know what? I preferred the book to the movie, so it’s worth all the trouble!

    • Hi, Happy new year.
      That is so good to hear. I have attempted to slog through the first few pages and get bogged down in all the words.

  3. Good luck with it! I’m starting on The Ambassadors by Henry James and I’m struggling with the language in that one too. I love reading classics, but they can be hard to get into sometimes.

    • Thank you.
      They can be a bit wordy, but I think as reading was such a privilege that words were better than wine and chocolate.

  4. This one is on my TBR list. Hope you enjoy your first read. Happy New Year!

    The Things You Can Read

  5. This book looks VERY good. I know this author but not this book.

    THANKS for sharing….ENJOY!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Stop by my blog from January 2 to January 11 for an international giveaway of Jubilee’s Journey.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My First Book of The Year

  6. That looks like a complex book to choose for the start of the year – I do hope you get to finish it this time 🙂

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