How much crap TV can I watch before I go crazy? I am not sure but I am getting close.

I had surgery on Friday, it was for something that I wanted to get fixed, I could have lived with it the way it was but it was interfering with all of the active stuff that I want to do. What that means for me is when I am healed up I will no longer have to fear the gym, or walking, or cycling. It is going to take six weeks. SIX LONG WEEKS.

My orders are no walking for two weeks. I can putter about the house, but no outside walking no distance walking for two weeks. I cannot lift anything over 10 pounds for six weeks, FYI a gallon of milk is about 8lb. Not a lot and for someone who does cross fit several times a week this is just not fun. I know that I could start reading, and get some books out of the way for next year, but I believe that when I sign up for a challenge I should start them on the date stated.

Not only that but if I take one of the pain meds I have been prescribed, according to my son I send worse than drunken text messages.

I did make butterscotch candy today, I have not made candy in a very long time. I like the way it tastes but I am not sure about the set up only time will tell with that.

Bad TV, Twitter, Candy Making, and talking to the Geek Boy about is first time as a DM for Pathfinder has worn me out. I think I need a nap.


2 thoughts on “Bordom

  1. I hope you heal quickly and well. The forced inactivity will be worth it in the long run, it sounds like.

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