2014 Reading Challenges.

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Every year I sign up for more reading challenges that I can handle, so this year I am limiting myself to three. Each of the three will fit nicely together and each of the three should not be to hard to manage. The first one is one that I have already signed up for because I love it. This is To Be Read Challenge hosted by Adam of Rood Beam Reader. Click on his blog title for the rules and Mr. Linky if you are interested in this challenge. The TBR is to read 12 books that have been on your list to read for a while, you can choose two alternatives incase you cannot get through one of the original 12. My books are already chosen and posted to a page on this blog.

I am also gong to do the Goodreads challenge were you pick a goal of how many books you want to read and see if you can reach that goal. This year I did not make my goal but I did hope to read 75. I got to 50, now my list on there says that I read 52 books but two of them I did not finish so I do not count those. Having learned that if I do not finish a book that they add it to the list, I will not be posting books to Goodreads until I finish them.

This leads me to the third challenge. The Empty Shelf Challenge hosted by Jon Acuff, this seems like a simple challenge as well. Clear a shelf off, take a picture of it empty then as you read fill it up and post pictures to his site on Pintrest. The better explanation is on his blog. I need to go over there and sign up for this one.


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