Among Thieves

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This is the last book that I have to read for my TBR pile. For some reason I thought that this year I would not make getting them all read. Maybe it was that I started strong and read five books in the first few months.


Among Thieves is the first installment of Tale of the Kin by Douglas Hulick. The next book in the series is not out yet and I thing that I read the next one comes out in March, but I am not sure of that. Personally I would like it to come out tomorrow. This is the one thing I hate about finding what looks to be the making of a good series of books. Waiting for the next one.

Drothe has a job in the underworld as a Nose that is a spy/informer. There are Arms, that is the muscle, Mouths cast magic, etc.. The world is quite believable as the way that it is set up. The world that Mr. Hulick created has reminded me of Constantinople the one right before it became a center of Christianity.

I think one of the things that I loved about this book was that it was all about what was happening. I know this sounds strange, but there have been many a book that I picked up what was a mystery and in the middle chapters it becomes a romance, then a mystery again. This book is all about the book that Drothe is suppose to have, the jobs that he does for his boss, and the friends and enemies that he has to deal with. There is not the complication of protecting a romantic interest, and I hope that in the next few installments Mr. Hulick keeps it that way.


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