The Somnambulist

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I bought The Somnambulist By Jonathan Barns thinking that it would be a spooky steampunk mystery. Well, it was a mystery, it was full of odd characters, it was just not spooky. That being said it was an ok book. Parts of it really held my interest others just fell to the side.

The protagonist Mr. Moon had been a magician of some standing who had fallen out of favor with high society and he was the celebrity that people invited to parties to say that someone famous was there.  The Somnambulist never spoke had a thing for milk, and was a giant. It was almost as if he had been an after thought to the story, that is until the end of the book.  The narrator of the story has an interesting voice, and I wish that he had remained anonymous. I think that would have made it just that much more of a story.

Mr. Cribb I would have liked to know more about. Who was he? Where did he come from?

Then there is the man in the jail. I would have liked to have known more of his story.

I do not know if I will read more by this author but I am glad that I did read this book. There were balanced parts of meh, and this is cool. I wish that there had been more of the cool factor.


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