Ghost Ocean for R.I.P

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This is the first book that I am posting on that I have read for RIP. Ghost Ocean by S.M. Peters was the book that I chose for my first read as I thought it was going to be a ghost story with an element of sifi to it, and it was not. I am not sure how to describe this book as I really did not understand it. I finished this book last weekend and I am still not sure what I read. It was not a love story, it was not a clean story, it was a story of freedom in death.

I know that does not make sense but that is the best way to describe the book. The book reminded me of looking into the mind of someone who had just done enough drugs that things appeared normal but were not. Did I like it? I am not sure. I know I did not, not like it. I think for this book that is ok.

I think for me one of the things is that I do not understand the mythos of China and Japan and when I come across those in books that I expect to be more European or from the Americas it is always hard for me to wrap my head around the setting and the characters. This for me is the biggest thing that I have difficulty with.


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