Hour 21 Real Rebus




This is a book that I just added to my TBR list. I do not yet have a copy of it and I know it is one that I would love to read. Thank you to Reading My Way Through Life for this mini challenge. The title is “Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons and Dragons and the People Who Play It.”


6 thoughts on “Hour 21 Real Rebus

  1. Nice! Well done! =D I was still looking at the lego and dice and got stuck at ‘awesome’. I think my brain knows it’s allowed to shut down soon!

    Haven’t read the book, is it non-fiction?

    Funny story, I had a friend who couldn’t believe I had D20 dices but no D6 (when playing I borrow those from a friend, they have a bin πŸ˜† ). Turns out I do have them, in board game boxes, but still!

    Are you still good? Just half an hour! You can make it! Already a winner! πŸ˜€

    • Hello, The book is non fiction, I have not read it yet. I think it has only been out a week. At that point tin the morning it was the only title I could think of. Boy what a night. I think I crashed at about 445, it is 1231 and I just work up.

      • 12.48am here and just woke up =’) Restoring rhythm, it will be a thing! πŸ˜› Hope you had fun though!
        (And I’ve added the book to my ‘check’ list. I always end up with more books added than taken off my TBR-pile during these events! πŸ˜†

      • So do I, that is why I do these to get books added and some taken off.

  2. Ha! Love your rebus! Thanks for playing along πŸ™‚
    Maria @ abookgeek.blogspot.com

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