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Hood by Emma Donoghue was read for my TBR pile. I finished this book over a month ago and it has taken me this long to write up the review. First because of visitors and then because I could not think about what I wanted to write about regarding this book.  Hood was an interesting book. The story is told over several days, in both the present and flash backs. To be honest I did not like either of the characters. Pen seemed to fear everything, she had no spirit of adventure. While Cara for her age just seemed to immature for her age.

The story was told over six days. The days consist of the present time and flashbacks and while this does sound confusing it is not.  Pen reviews her relationship with Cara and what made it work for her.  For me this was and interesting glimpse into the life of someone else, someone that I while I enjoyed my time with her I would not go back for a visit.

I thought that the secondary characters were more interesting. I would have loved to have hung out with the women’s group that Cara was a part of.  Cara’s father had more secrets than either Pen or Cara. They are the ones that I would have liked to get to know more.

For me this was not a memorable book. It was well written and well thought out it just did not do anything for me. I think one reason for this is not how the book was written but my view on death. To me death is a natural part of life and in some cases a blessing.


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