The Books of Secrets




If I had to describe The Book of Secrets by Chris Roberson in one word it would be interesting. I love books that are mystery’s that involve religion, books and puzzles. That is what from reading the blurb on the back of the book I thought this one would be. It was not, but it was not a bad book.

The back of the book talks about a secret in human history that is found in old pulp sifi stories. No, not really. There is a secret that has been hidden in history, but not in sifi stories. The stories are more along the PI/Crime fighter/pirate/cowboy line. No odd aliens or anything more advanced than a cell phone. Then I am not to sure about that. The pulp stories all tell of a hero called The Black Hand or Hands as sometimes the case may be.

But, this book is also about a stolen book, and not for the book itself but for the secret it contains. One that could change the world, or change what world is lived on. That might be where the sifi stuff comes in at, but it really is more a retelling of, well if I put that in here that would be a spoiler and I am  not about that.

It was a fast paced book and when reading it I kept expecting to hear an old movie mystery sound track that plays dundundunnnn when a clue or a secret was reviled, but only when reading the pulp fiction parts. I read this for my TBR pile challenge.


Pg. 150 “Royce Crayton, to be charitable, was the oddest duck in the entire lunatic flock I’d collected over the years.”


5 thoughts on “The Books of Secrets

  1. Cool. I want to check that one out.

    • You should it was not a bad book.

      • I got it on my Kindle, and I’ll read it as soon as I’m done with book 2 of The Hollows (reading through the series again!).

      • LOL, try Beautiful Creatures. I read that book in about 9 hours. It was good too.

      • My Kindle is my new favorite toy. It’s fun to buy books for the price of a cup of fancy coffee. Hehe – off to get Beautiful Creatures. I just started Book of Secrets and the protagonist (though the term is a little euphemistic when it comes to this guy) reminds me of the lead character in the BBC TV series Black Books. Haha OK to read about or watch but wouldn’t want to come within 100 feet of his Camels-smoking, drunk ass. Ha!

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