Geek and Gamer is Changing my life


Before I hurt my knee I was doing a boot camp along with riding my bike, walking, hiking, and just being all around busy. Then I did something to my knee where I tore my meniscus. That led to lots of test where it found out that I had to have surgery. Yippee. Turns out that was a good thing. I now have no pain other than a few muscle cramps or swelling pain.

On the 21st I have my last appointment and hopefully get the all clear to go back to working out. I still cannot get down on my hands and knees, it feels like I am on a huge bruise. This is OK, being able to walk without my leg feeling like it was going to fall off or that I want to cut it off is so wonderful.

That being said I want to do a shameless plug here for my boot camp. I love these guys, and gals they are so supportive of each other. Some of the group I do not know all that well, others we hang out on the weekends. I cannot wait to start working out with everyone again. For me the thing with working out is I am very overweight, and in most classes, I would feel as if I were being made fun of or slowing the group down.

I know that I slow the group down, and that I am not the fittest among them. They do all put up with me, and we have fun when we work out. Yes, I said the fun word. Part of what makes it fun is the owner of the company he knows that fitness is not easy and that it is hard work, he knows that it is about eating right, and how hard it is to get out of the bad habit of eating wrong.

When I blew out my knee, my fitness goals were put on hold and I got a little depressed, I went off the wagon as it were and ate wrong again for two weeks. I felt like shit sorry for the swearing there but I did. I got back on track and during this time while I have had to limit my physical activity, I only regained five pounds. It could have been a lot more.

Now, here is where the shameless plug comes in. I am not a person who will blindly give support to a company and say check it out. I have to believe in what they do, either by testing or experiencing what they are doing. Jason has started up a new web site for Geek and Gamer Fitness this is the group that I work out with. I have signed up to do the program Level Up Your Life. I am working on level one. Some of it is going to be very hard for me to do, and others not so much so, but I will do it. So if you want to see what I do when I work out and who I work out with head on over to Geek and Gamer Fitness. And, yes to answer your question I am in a photo or two.


3 thoughts on “Geek and Gamer is Changing my life

  1. This is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing all of this, including the link to Geek and Gamer. Happy recovery and upleveling!

    • Thank you.
      Recovery is going well, my hardest thing is not doing anything. Leveling up is going to be fun and hard work.

  2. I’m glad your knee is doing so much better. Enjoy getting back into boot camp!

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