Inside of a Dog

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Inside of a Dog What Dogs See, Smell and Know by Alexandra Horowitz was read for my TBR pile. If you have every had a dog, currently own a dog, or are looking to get one READ THIS BOOK. It is not a how to manual, it is not a training manual. It is more of a study of dogs, what makes them tick, and why they act they way that they do. This book is very technical in reading as it is a scientific study of dogs, but it does explain why they do what they do, and look they way the look when caught doing something.

This book took me roughly a week to read, and it made me reflect on the behaviors that I saw in my dogs. Yes, there were things in here that are not answered like why Queenie like to sit on float mats in the swimming pool. Or why Woy-woy would try to bite my brother when I would hit him (my brother not the dog).

This book also made me want to go out and get a dog. I know that right now I am not able to do that, but that was the feeling of reading this book. I want to see what the author talks about, I want to wake up the sound of a dog in the house. It is not ment to be yet. This book is amazing in how it is set up to an introduction to the study of the dog. It is a wonderful doggie book.


pg. 10 This is not a dog training book. Still it’s contents might lead you to be able to train your dog, inadvertently. This will catch us up to dogs, who have already, without a tome on people, learned how to train us without realizing it.

Pg 20 Only objects that are perceived can have meaning to the animal; the rest are not even noticed, or all look the same.


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