The Story of My Knee


Sometime in November December I started having knee pain when walking, then the pain started when I drove. I had to give up my bike riding and my boot camp as the stress would make it worse. This is not how I want to live so I went and saw my doc. Of course I went after I had a few days off from work and had been resting. Naturally being a hysterical woman the doc said “It’s all in your head pretty lady.”

My thought was you asshole. So I did the next best thing I worked four 12 hour shifts took the very first appointment and went back in. This time he was “Holy shit, what happened to your knee.” I was like “My head decided to make it blow up.” Then he sent me for an x-ray. The x-ray came back negative. Nothing wrong at all with the bone no arthritis, broken bits, and that meant I got to see an orthopod.

I work with most of the ortho docs in the city and all I can think of is great now I get to see you at work and not at work.  It turns out that I got one of the few who do not normally work at my hospital on a regular basis Yay me.

I went in for my first appointment and they said we will give you a cortisone shot. That works for some people. It take the swelling down, and no more pain. Me like an idiot said OK. Apparently I had an adverse reaction to it. I came home from the appointment, went to bed, and then when I woke up all hell broke loose.

Well, not really I reacted to it like I was on speed x5. Oh, I know what some of the reactions should be and I had a few of those. What it did to me is what happens when I take Acetaminophen. I became OCD I had to count anything that could be counted, paced, paced, lost my closet, and burnt my salmon ext. I was like this for five days and on top of that the shot did not work.

I learned in the MRI that yes I am claustrophobic. The good news was that the MRI showed that I had a torn meniscus in the medial sector. That meant surgery once that was decided it was a very quick process from there. On the 15th of February at 530 in the morning I showed up. Went back and had the operation at 730 and then was done by and out of the hospital by 1000. Now, for the good news other than some swelling pain and muscle cramps I have had no pain at all. NONE. I have taken a total of 2 pain pills in the past 5 days. One the first night of surgery as a just in case and one last night, that one last night was for pain.

What I had done to my knee is called an Arthroscopic repair with partial meniscectomy. So far it feels great, and today the bloody thing just started to itch.



6 thoughts on “The Story of My Knee

  1. I have now had both knees done. The thing you need to be careful of is that the knee feels so good post surgery that you think you can do anything. Don’t! Give yourself time to heal.

    I have also found that it takes a good 6 months to get back the full range of motion (being able to sit back comfortably on your heals)

    Keep up the exercises and stretching. You will be as good as new in no time.

    Sending you lots of healing energy.

    • Hi Jan,
      I am taking it as easy as I can. I had to get out I was starting to go stir crazy the other day. So where did I go the book store and got a cuppa coffee.

      Thank you so much, and I am glad to hear that your knees are working for you.

  2. I’m so glad the surgery went well and the pain has subsided so dramatically! I hope you’re getting lots of reading done while you’re convalescing!

    • Hi Debra
      I am so glad that it went well too. I have not gotten much reading done as I did not want to have to concentrate on much of anything. That is going to change this coming week. I plan on lots of reading.

  3. Woah – I’m glad you finally got someone to take you seriously, and that the surgery is leaving you pain-free. Phew!

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