It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I have not done a Monday reading post in a while, honestly there is no excuse other than I have not really been feeling like I want to bother with anything. That this past week has changed. I realized that I have a lot going on in my life and that I need to get things in order.

So last week I did not read anything. It was hard to concentrate with work, contract bargainingĀ and finding out that on the 15th my knee was going to be fixed. I will have a post up about the surgery this week to let everyone know what happened and how it went.

That being said for this week I am only going to pick one book to read, and hope that I get through more than that. This week I am going to read Cartomancy: Book Two in the Age of Discovery by Michael A Stackpole. I read the first one last year for the TBR challenge, and this one is on that list for me as well.


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I’m getting close to finally finishing Moby-Dick! I hope all goes well with your knee surgery.

  2. I’m still immersed in The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. Well, obsessed might be more like it. I’m up to the second-to-most-recent book, and already arguing with myself about whether I can justify the expense of the newest book on my Kindle app. I should wait six months until the price drops, but I may not be able to. The craziest thing about this series is that though it’s pretty trashy, every so often something will capture me and I’ll end up sobbing or something. Escapist reading with occasional flashes of – something that makes me weep. Who knew?

    • I am so glad that you have found something that you like to read. I think when I buy books, what else I could spend the money on. If it is something that I need like the power bill, then no book. If it is a donut or some snack like that. BOOK TIME!

      • Yeah I’m usually reading something (or several somethings) but I don’t usually blast through an entire series quite so quickly. Unless we’re talking about Elizabeth Moon, and then the only thing that slows me down is the density of the prose. I like your strategy for determining if I can afford the book. Excellent!

      • You are welcome. I think I need to introduce you to a book store that I love. http://www.powells.com look at their buy back program. They will pay for you to ship your books to them. WIN.

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