Urban Shaman


Urban Shaman

Urban Shaman by C.E Murphy
This book was pointed out to me last year as I enjoy reading books that take place in my home state. This one takes place in Seattle, and it mentions places that I have been and enjoy going to.
One of the things that I loved about this book it that it is all action and fantasy. What I mean by that is that the author does mention that the protagonist Joanne Walker is not in a relationship, and while she is attracted to some people in the book it is not the focus of the story. I happen to find this very refreshing it is so hard to find a female character that is not wrapped up in having a relationship.

This is a great mix of Celtic and Native mythology. I enjoyed the fact that the author used one of the Celtic myths that are not in the for front of all things. The Wild Hunt. I have always loved the story of the Wild Hunt the horses, the dogs, and the running.
I love the idea of a Shaman being a healer of the world, and that some of them know who they are and others do not. That the healers are out there, and I do think that we need more healers in the world.
The next book in the series is going to be my next “prize book” that I get for myself.


6 thoughts on “Urban Shaman

  1. Sounds good! The Wild Hunt is a great myth. I always think of it as the original source for that country ‘n western song “Ghostriders in the Sky.” There’s a traditional French Canadian folk tale about the Devil and a flying canoe that has its roots in it as well — “La Chasse Galerie.”

  2. This looks very intriguing. Must look it up.

  3. I also like books set in my home state. I’ll take a look for this one too.

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