How Squeeker Uses Bags


How Squeeker Uses Bags

I know it has been a long time sence I posted. I have just not been in the mood to do anything. So I am going to have to catch everyone up on what is going on.

Friday, I had an MRI done and Monday I go and see what the results are. To be honest I am not looking forward to that. I just wish that what is going on with my knee would go away.

Saturday, there was an informational picket at work. We have now been in negotiations for seven months. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are non-union. I am not one of them. The history of what unions have done is an amazing thing, but this is not the post for that topic.

As the picture shows my boy cat Squeeker is smart enough to figure out how to use a bag. He is now terrified of the thing. It tried to eat him.

I have three books that I need to get post up on, I have two of them written. The third I just finished reading last night and I am not sure what to say about it.

When I am not at work Minecraft is taking up much of my time. I know I need to quit playing it as I am dreaming in 64 Bit graphic blocks.

Work is work. Not much to say about that, other than there is a nasty head cold, and the flu going around. That makes work interesting. Wish I could say more about it but with HIPPA there is not much to talk about. I do think that I am getting burnt out and need a long break, that is not going to happen unless I need to have surgery on my knee.


2 thoughts on “How Squeeker Uses Bags

  1. Squeeker is obviously relying on his Laser Beam Eyes to deal with the Evil Bag.

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