Christine Falls

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Christine Falls by Benjamin Black

Pages: 369

Benjamin Black who wrote Christine Falls is the pen name for John Banville.  I had not heard of Mr. Banville until I googled Mr. Black and found out that Black was a pen name.

Christine Falls is about a man named Quirke a pathologist who on the night of an office party wanders into his office only to find his brother-in-law writing in his files on a woman he has not yet seen. Even in his very intoxicated state Quirke realizes that something is not right, why would a OB be in the morgue?

This book is set in the 1950’s so there are no fancy labs nothing as cool as on some of the crime shows or books written of today. Quirke has to ask questions, find out who did what, and track down the bad guys all on his own. 

As far as mysteries goes, this one gets a big kudos from me. I did not know who did it until the end. I loved the fact that, well if I told that would be a spoiler.  One thing about this book that got me and I know that it was the accepted culture back then was all of the smoking. EVERONE did it EVERYWHERE.  There was not a moment that someone was not lighting up, looking for a cigarette case.  No wonder why there are so many people that come into the hospital with COPD.

Anyway, back to the book.  Did I like it? Yes. Will it stick with me? No.  It was a good mystery it read well, it was just for me nothing stuck out other than the smoking.  Will I read another on in the set? Maybe, if I come across one but I will not rush out to buy one.


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