It’s Monday! What are You Reading?


It is Monday! What are You Reading? Is a meme hosted over at Book Journey. It is a wonderful meme for those who read, want to read, or are looking for books.

This past week I have finished Christine Falls by Benjamin Black. This book is on my TBR challenge list so there will be a review of it up in this week.  I have also read 5 short stories by Elora Bishop, she is one of the few self-published authors that I belive should be snagged up by a publishing firm.

This week as I have gotten of to a good start on the TBR pile I have rolled the dice again and they have chosen for me to read Bell, Book, and Dyke a book of short stories by Barbara Johnson, Karin Kallmaker, Therese Syzmanski and Julia Watts. I also rolled for another of my TBR books and got Legend of the Jade Dragon by Yasmine Galenorn.

In a bit of personal news, I have new upstairs neighbors they smoke. I can smell it all though out my apartment. I am allergic to smoke, I have been stuffy, and have had headaches ever sence they have moved in. I know that they have the right to do that but, I can taste it and my eyes burn. I think I need to look into state law to see what can be done.

Also for now my training has been put on hold. This really sucks, the docs think I might have a torn meniscus. I am to get an MRI scheduled sometime in the near future and then go from there. I am hoping that there is not going to be sugary, but I will not know until all is decided. One of the things I do know is I am going to have to measure my knee, and see if I can get a brace or support to see if that helps. Off to start a new week.


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

  1. It sounds like you’ve been reading lots of interesting short stories. I hope you get proper diagnosis and treatment for your knee and it starts to heal soon.

  2. Enjoy your reading – I hope you get the smoke thing figured out… that is too bad.

  3. Sounds like a good reading mix – but sorry about the smoke. Have a lovely reading week. Viele Grüße 🙂 – here are my reads (some German titles included): books i read this week + best of 2012

  4. Bummer on the tests and waiting. As for reading, I am in total junkread mode. I’m working my way through The Hollows, a series by Kim Harrison. I am completely addicted.

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