Am I the Only One….


That hates the feel of microfiber?

I got a gift card that I had planned to spend on getting an electric blanket. I just want one to have to take the chill off the bed. It is not something that I will use when I am in the bed. I thought about getting a heated mattress pad, then realized that a blanket might last longer as the weight of the body is not on the wires.

I went to the store that the gift card is for and had a look at the electric blankets. EVERY single one of them was microfiber. So, I went to another store to see if they might have something that is not microfiber, the did not. They just had the microfiber.

I looked on-line and all I could find at the on-line store that I have the gift card to is microfiber. I know people who love the feel of that stuff, the softness of it. For me it does not feel soft, it feels like the sound of fingernails on a blackboard. I know that sounds strange, but that is how it feels to me. It makes all the hair on my body rise up and as my grandmother use to say “my teeth hurt”.

I looked up what microfiber is made of and it is not a natural product. I wish I could find one that is not made out of man-made material.


4 thoughts on “Am I the Only One….

  1. No. It’s super nasty. Ick. Shudder. Etc.

  2. Would it help to have a sheet between you and the electric blanket? Then you wouldn’t feel the microfibre but would still get the benefit of the heat.

    • I did think about that but I cannot touch the stuff in anyway. When I get a gift of a microfiber clothing item it gets exchanged or taken to a thrift store. I did look at duvet covers and most of them are microfiber or well out of my price range.

      I am just going to have to work on getting the cats to warm up the bed.

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