Just typing the title for this post makes me wish that we had a 13 month year. Why? Is the next question asked, and it is because I have a nerdy mean streak. I would love to have a thirteen month year just to be able to write 13-13-13 and watch all the people who a afraid of the number 13 have to write it down. I know it should not make me happy an irrational fear of a number, it is not that it make me happy it just make a curious streak rise its head and say, “that would be a neat thing to have happen.”

As a new year is starting up, and I have again signed up to do Adam’s TBR challenge I had to pick my first book. I had no idea how to do it then realized that I have 12 books to choose from. If I numbered them 1-12 then rolled a d12 I could read the book that number corresponded with. So, that is what I did. I rolled a d12 and the first book of the new year is Christine Falls.

*** a d12 is a 12 sided dice for those of you who have not played a table top RPG.***


2 thoughts on “1-1-13

  1. Happy New Year — now get cracking on all the reading you’re doing this year!

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