Meme’s on Monday


I have decided that for a while I am going to participate in weekly memes to help me get up on my reading and blogging.  Monday, there are two that I am looking forward to doing on a weekly basis. One is Musing Mondays hosted over at  Should Be Reading. The other is What are you Reading Monday hosted at Book Journey.


This week Should Be Reading ask the question:

Is there a particular book that is your nemesis–the book you’re determined to one day finish?

The White Goddess by Robert Graves. I have been working on this book for about 5 years now. One day I will finish it.


Book Journey does a weekly meme called What Are You Reading? As I am just starting out, I am not going to list books finished just the ones started this week. Next week, I might have finished books to add.

This week I am reading three books.

The first is Onaedo- The Blacksmiths Daughter by Ngozi Achebe. She is a local author and the book looks very interesting.

Vanished by Kat Richardson. This is the fourth in the Greywalker books. The setting of these books are in the Seattle area, and as I do go there I recognize some of the settings.

On my Nook I am reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Book Store by Robin Sloan. I pick this one up as a reward for walking my first 5k. It was the first paragraph that got me hooked on this books.   I have decided that for each 5k I do I get a new book.  I cannot wait to see what I get next.


12 thoughts on “Meme’s on Monday

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Mr Penumbra, I’ve heard such good things about it 🙂 I hope you have a great week of reading!

  2. You have your “The White Goddess” and I have my “Moby-Dick” LOL! Someday we’ll both finish reading them.

    • Moby Dick was ok but then I read it in 9th grade and got it out of the way. Try the audio it might work better for you. Then again it is one odd book.

  3. Nice post. I often use memes to get me back into the swing of things. I am down to three time a week and those are mostly because I really like them.

  4. Sometimes it feels like I’m doing nothing but memes, but, hey, at least I am blogging. Memes seem to carry me through the busy times.


    • That is what I am hoping that they will do with me. I do have a year long challlenge that I am going to post up on the 31. I am excited about it.

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