It is That Time of Year Again

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The time of year that I sign up for reading challenges in hopes to finish off some books that I have wanted to read, and to look at books I have not thought about reading. This year like last year I have signed up for two challenges.  There are people out in the blog world who sign up for more than 5 or 22 and that is ok. I am looking at just getting through two that I have signed up for.

The first one that I signed up for is Adam’s TBR challenge. I love doing this as I have over 300 books marked “to read” on my Goodreads account. This will tackle 12 of them. Whoohoo it is a starts. The rules and sign up are on Adams blog Roof Beam Reader follow the link if you want to see all what this entails.  For this challenge I have created a tab at the top of my blog that list all the books that I plan on reading, I will link all of my thought on these books to that page.

For me I love going to see all the book lists that readers have posted on their site to see what everyone is reading. I am not reading  classics at all while a lot of readers are. It is not that I do not have an interest in them but when I was in Middle and High School I read all the classics that my mother could force on me.  I remember on car trips reading Huck Finn out loud to the family, but we all took a chapter and did that. Except for dad he was driving.  The other thing I love about looking at the lists is to see who reads what and if there is one book making the rounds. This year that books seems to be The Night Circus.

The other challenge that I have again decided to tackle is the Whats In A Name 6  challenge. I signed up to do this one last year and I did a horrible job at it. I do not think that it was my reading for the challenge that sucked. I forgot that I had signed up to do this one.  So when I read a book that fit the category I did not review it. This year I am going to try to do better.  This one is hosted over at Beth Fish Reads again the rules are on her page and so just follow the link.  For this reading challenge I do not have a list of books that I have pre-chosen, I am hoping that in my reading of whatever I pick up thing will fit into her challenge.

This is not to say that these are the only ones that I will be reading along with. The Magic Lasso has the twice a year Orange challenge, and for me that is the hardest one that I read with. Mostly because all of the books are on real life subject matter. I deal with that all night at work, and want my entertainment to not be about real life situations.

I also know that I will be again reading with Stainless Steel Droppings for the Once Upon A Time Challenge and the R.I.P. I love both of those. I think what I am going to do for all of the challenges except for Orange,  I will take books off my Goodreads reading pile. The only reason Orange is excluded is that I know or I think I do not have any of those books on my list.


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