Rose of No Man’s Land


Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea was read for my TBR challenge. THIS ONE HAS SPOILERS IN IT.

I really do not know what to say about this book. I wanted to like it, I wanted to enjoy it but I could not. Working in the hospital I see all kinds of people those who make good choices and those who make bad ones. This book for me was like talking to one of my patients, one of the ones who will not make it until the age of 30.  The ones that you want to smack in the back of the head and “what the..?”

This is the second Michelle Tea book that I have read and I did not like the first one either. I do like her writing style just not the subject matter. Yes, I know drugs run rampant, I take care of the patents that have all kinds of nasty going on from drugs. Yes, I know that there is underage sex going on, I also see those kids when parts become diseased. There is nothing glamorous about that life style and for me that is what this book does. It makes the first use of drugs something wonderful and amazing. Not the hellish trap it can be.

In the synopsis of the book the protagonist is described as being “gender-bluring”. I did not see any of that in the book. Yes, her first sexual encounter was with a female, but there was not one mention of a boyfriend at all.

I know that there are people out there who love this book, and ones out there who when they read it will enjoy it and see themselves in the book. Read it, enjoy it or not make your own opinion.



2 thoughts on “Rose of No Man’s Land

  1. I have a hard time finishing books that don’t grab me right away. I admire your persistence. It sounds like even if it’s not a great read, you get a lot out of it – things to think about, etc. That said, based on your review, I’m not going to be getting into this book… Heh.

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