I Cannot Believe that it is November Already.


Holy Cow, I have been busy. Maga busy. I am going to have to find the time to start getting serious about my blogging. I have just in the past month been so busy that I have not even had time to breath. Nor, read much.

First with work, we are in contract negotiations and I am on the bargening team. That means that not only do have to do my job, I also have to look out for all the others who work at the hospital and keep their interests in mind. It is by no means an easy thing. Doing this has messed up my schedule like no tomorrow.

That is not the only thing that has messed up my work life. Thank the Goddess for that. My Honey Love came up for a few days. Not only did we go up to Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit. we ate our way across Olympia. Latins Farm for fresh hot homemade apple fritters, Johnson’s Farm for bangers, The New Moon Cafe for breakfast. Oh, and Batdorf and Bronson coffee. MMM coffee.  After, all of that we had to do a boot camp on Saturday, then meet up with some of my gamer buddies for root beer floats.

This month I am going to see family for Thanksgiving, that has not even started yet, so I have nothing to post about it.

When I am not at work, I am at the gym, boot camp, out on my bike, or playing Shadowrun and D&D with the boys. Yes, I still play role-playing games, I love them and will be 90 trying to read a d20 with a magnifier.

I do have to work more on getting reading done. I am nowhere near getting the 12 books read that are in my TBR challenge that I am participating in.


2 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe that it is November Already.

  1. Glad you had a good time with your Honey Love!

    Mmmm, root beer floats. When I was a kid, my fave was an orange crush float but my second favourite was a root beer float. Good times!

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