Mini Challenge from Joystory Literacy


OK ya’ll if I am going to get any reading done the mini challenges have to stop being so fun.

When I got pregnant I decided that no matter what kid I had they were going to be a reader. When I had said kid and it turned out to be a boy I knew I had a challenge on my hands. I had planed on reading age appropriate books to K, but as it turned out I did not do that and it was a great thing.

We started with Little Golden Books, and by the time K was 12 months old he was talking in full sentences. I loved it, he shocked so many people with his grasp of vocabulary. When he was 4 we were reading grade 1 books, he loved the Magic Tree House Books. Then at 5 we went through the Children’s Classic books, almost all of them. His favorite was Treasure Island, he liked the pirates. I read to him up until he was 12 years old.

I did something when he was 10 that gave me the title MEAN MOM, if was awesome. I knew my son would love David Eddings books if he would just sit down and read them. The kid was stubborn, I was smarter. I went to the library and got the book Pawn of Prophecy on CD. Everywhere we went in the car we listened to that book, that is until one day. The first CD ended just as I dropped him off at school, I drove right to the library and turned in the book.

When K got in the car he looked for the case, and asked me what had happened. When I told him that I took the audio book back to the library he asked me how he was going to find out what happen to Old Wolf, Aunt Pol, Garon, and all the other. I looked him in the eye and said all 12 books are on the shelf at home. It took him two months to finish them all. Now, he in AZ going to college, when he has a week off of classes he calls me up and asks. “Mom, what should I read this week?” I love it.


2 thoughts on “Mini Challenge from Joystory Literacy

  1. Now I’m wondering what happened to Old Wolf, Aunt Pol et al. And I’d never heard of them before. But I do know that feeling of having a story interrupted it is quite discombobulating to the brain. Well played Mom! Now I just might have to try a David Eddings. but my TBR is about to avalanche.

    Thanx for participating in The Literacy Challenge

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