Dewey’s Read-aThon


When I signed up for the read-a-thon, I thought that I was going to be working my regular schedule it turns out that is not true. This month we are bargaining for a new contract at work and as I am on the team for that I have to work on days I do not normally work. Today, is my one true day off. So everything that I normally do in four days I have to do today. For me this sucks as I wanted to make this a true read-a-thon. One where I read for the full 24 hours if possible. I will have to try to aim for that in April.

It is currently 0333 and I have been up for all of 30 minutes. The coffee is brewing, and when I get done with this update, I will go and fix something to eat. Then start reading.  I will try to update every hour or so, and at break times in reading.


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