R.I.P The Graveyard Book



This is the first time I that I have participated in a group read. One of the reasons why I have not done a group read in the past is that I have already read the book being read. This time the book it The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. This post covers chapters 1 through 3.

In chapter one we meet Bod, the boy hero of the story or, more accurately we meet the as unnamed baby, who will become Bod. At this point in the story Bod can not do more than toddle about, and for him that is all he needs to be able to do. The first chapter starts out with a gristly murder or two or three, and from there moves on to the Graveyard. The unnamed graveyard.

It is in the yard that the reader is introduced to what can be a host of great characters. From the Owens, to Silas. I like Silas I think he is an interesting character. Having read only the first three chapters I know nothing about who or what he is. Just that he can leave the Graveyard, he is the only one who can.

Chapter two Bod has grown up, at least to the age of about 5ish. Not having a birthday kind of makes it hard to know exactly how old he is. He thinks that he is as old as the girl a real human girl who comes to the graveyard. Scarlett, is five she knows this, she knows that Bod is a real boy. They spend part of their time doing Bod’s homework. That is reading and copying the words and numbers off the headstones. Bod tells her the stories of the dead, at least the ones that he knows. There is one, the oldest that he does not know.

Scarlett tells her parents about Bod, and they assume that he is an imaginary friend, who has lots of imaginary friends that Scarlett makes up biased on the names in the Graveyard. I will not go into the details as of why she has to leave, but Bod losses his first real contact with the outside world at the end of the chapter.

In chapter three there is a change in now six year old Bods live. Silas has to leave, and like all six year olds Bod is not happy about this. Nor, is he happy about the replacement that Silas has chosen to watch over Bod while he is gone. Miss Lupescu, she is that teacher with the lists, the one who is unyielding in all that she does.He is forced to learn to call for help in every language, he has to study all summer night. To make things even worse, in Bods mind, her meals are from Eastern Europe food with beets, onions, and garlic. Things Bod has never eaten before, that he gags down. It is this feeling sorry for himself that he gets into a pack of trouble. One where he learns that not all lists are bad.

If you do read this book just an FYI the 33rd President of the United States was Harry S.Truman.


4 thoughts on “R.I.P The Graveyard Book

  1. Haha, I had to look up the 33rd President of the United States after reading that chapter! 🙂 I haven’t figured out if there’s any significance to Truman or not…

  2. Thanks! I forgot to look up the 33rd president.

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