This Weekend


For me this past weekend was a bust. At least as far as somethings go. On Friday, I had my physical therapy. That is all I did on Friday, I was to worn out from work to do anything else. Saturday, it was cross fit training, then a nap, then D&D. Yes, I will admit to playing D&D, and I play with a great group of guys. When I came home from D&D I tried my first ever batch of pumpkin ale that I bought.

I had heard so many wonderful things about pumpkin ale that I was very much looking forward to having a glass or two. It took almost 4 hours to drink half a bottle. All I could taste was the ale, I wanted pumpking spices, pumpkin flavor no it was just ale. I have heard that there is an ale out there that is orange cream cycle flavored. That one I think might be interesting, but I will not buy it. I will have a sip from someone if they have it.

Sunday all day I just played Skyrim. All day and most of the night as well. That game just sucks me in.

Monday, it was PT again. Shopping for food, a nap, the gym where I worked out on the hampster wheel treadmill for 30 min and did some weights. Then it was back to Skyrim. Oh well, I think I needed a weekend like that.


4 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. Doing next to nothing is what I call a perfect weekend.

  2. Yeah, everyone needs a weekend like that once in while.

  3. Sometimes it is and sometimes it means not having clean laundry.

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