October 13


October 13th is the Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. This year I have signed up to be a reader, that is a marathon of reading 24 hours.  Oct 13 is a Saturday I will be taking a break in the morning for my Cross Fit training, and then again in the evening between 1900 and later for my game night but only if the 13th is Shadowrun. If the game is D&D, I will keep reading. I will have to pick out the books at a later date to read. I have a HUGE and I mean HUGE to be read pile. On my Goodreads account it says that I have nearly 300 on my to read list. I will not be short of reading material.

I think for Dewey I will have to go with a variety of books. Picking between fiction and non fiction, graphic novels and whatever floats my boat.

I am hoping to finish The Historian this weekend, for R.I.P.


2 thoughts on “October 13

  1. I’m reading for the readathon too. I’ve got my pile of books I didn’t read in the spring readathon so I might just read those.

    • Hi Linda,
      I have a shelf of books that are ones I buy that I want to get to and read. I am thinking I might just read all of those. But, then again I might end up at the book store before then and get some new ones.

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