Perfumes, aftershave, and scented things.


The other day I went to the gym during morning hours. I hate going to the gym if it is after 5am and before 11pm.  There are a few reasons for this. This first are what I call the gym bunnies. They are the people who lean on the equipment and do who knows what with out working out.  They talk, drink water, flirt, and watch TV.  That is not what the gym is for, it is for working out, and getting or keeping fit.

The second reason is all the perfumes that people wear. I know that some body odors are not pleasant, but they will if left alone fade after a few minutes.  I know that a lot of people think that perfumes smell good, or are attractive.  All I smell when people wear that stuff is chemicals and the alcohol base that makes up the scent.  Most of it stinks and makes is so that I cannot breath. 

I try to get as many things as unscented as I  can. I have unscented fabric softness, laundry soap even my deodorant is unscented. The soap that I use is bar Ivory because the liquid Ivory has a scent that just smells funny. If I buy a bar soap that is scented I get one that has essential oils and not chemical smells.  The only thing that I cannot find unscented is  the stuff that I put in my hair.

Where I work we have a policy on wearing perfumes and after shaves. The hospital is to be an unscented environment because of respiratory problems.  Night shift complies with that very well. When day shift comes on the floor they wear all manner of odors that either give me a migrate or makes me so nauseous that I almost cannot see to drive home.

I know what happens when one perfume is worn over and over, the person wearing it gets use to the scent and can no longer smell it. One squirt is more than enough. Bathing in the stuff is not good at all.


2 thoughts on “Perfumes, aftershave, and scented things.

  1. People wearing too much perfume/cologne is one of my pet peeves too, although I don’t get ill from it like it sounds you do. Sometimes in restaurants I have to move to another table if someone at the next table is wearing too much perfume. The overwhelming scent just ruins my meal.

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