Boot Camp Workouts




I  have a confession to make, I am a nerd. Not just any nerd, I am the one who with friends debate if there was a battle between the Firefly and the Millennium Falcon who would win. If Blade or Dr. Who would have a better way of killing off Bella and Edward. I if I had the money would happily spend it on Dragon and Comic Con.  A common question asked is “who is your favorite Dr?” for me I am liking the one with the screwdriver, but the one with the scarf will be my first Dr. What does this have to do with boot camp? Everything.

I as a nerd play RPG’s most notably right now is Shadowrun and Dungeons and Dragons. One game is played  each week.  The game master for Shadowrun, is a personal trainer who runs a boot camp. This is how I got hooked into doing boot camps. I have had two classes in this and have lost six pounds, at first I did not belive it, but it is working.

I love the boot camps, it is one hour of working out that goes so fast it is not over in a minute. I feel great the whole rest of the day. Then next day I am afraid of the toilet, can’t lift my coffee cup or bend over to tie my shoes.  I love it. I love how tight everything feels the next day, and how much stronger I am getting.

My trainer even has a cool website it is Geek and Gamer Fitness. I love all the information that he has on the site and how well everything fits. I am most impressed by his story as well.

Next Saturday is the next class wish me luck, I just hope that I am not afraid of the toilet again.


2 thoughts on “Boot Camp Workouts

  1. Geek and Gamer Fitness is a really cool idea! Have fun!

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