Kissing the Witch


I read Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue for the TBR challenge.

I enjoyed this book very much. It is story’s within stories. Each heroine tells her story and at the end of her story she asks her mentor to tell hers. For readers who need a nice tidy ending there is not one the stories just end, but they can go on in the next tale.

The one that I would love to see expanded and turned into a novel is the story of Beauty and the Beast. I  could have read that as a full book easily.  There was one that I did not recognize and I should do a search on it, and that is the story of the witch in the cave. That one to I would love to see turned into a novel.

I have more of Emma Donoghue’s works on my book shelf and I will be reading those.


2 thoughts on “Kissing the Witch

  1. Emma Donoghue always spins a good tale! Love the title of this collection.

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