It is Getting Harder


Things are getting harder, darker.  I have been trying to keep busy, but that is all that I am doing. Reading, crocheting, Shadowruning, video games, gym, reading, sleeping, working, cooking.  I am lonely, I want someone to walk with, to go and do things with. Oh, not spend money, just get out and do things.

In a few weeks here it will be Oly Pride. I love going to Pride here in Oly. It is very much a family event kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and dogs are all there. I love going and spending the day there watching the people, the entertainment, the christians with the signs about sin, and the guy with the purple wings. OK, he kind of creeps me out but he is there. In this vast sea of people who come to Pride I will be going alone.

It is not that I mind doing things alone, I am just tired of doing them alone. I have the day of Pride all planned from breakfast to where I am going to get a cup of coffee. I know that I want to see the dog show, that I will have a good spot on the parade route. I know that I will take my camera, and get picture that I can post up here and some that I cannot. Not for any other reason that I do not feel it is ok to post a picture of someone with out their permission.

I will for lunch have a democrat burger because I love the onions.  I will wander the booths some that are meaningful most that are just commercial. When it gets to be afternoon, I will head home shower and then go to Shadowrun.  Because, if I stop if I think the clouds that are so close will come pouring in.


4 thoughts on “It is Getting Harder

  1. Keep your chin up, Katzenjammer Kid. I hope more people come into your life and help to ease that loneliness.

    • Thanks Debra, I just go through bouts where I feel sorry for myself and last weekend was one of them.

  2. For some reason May seemed to be a very tough month for a lot of people. I am sending out bundles of happy, healthy, and loving thoughts for you.

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