Just over a month

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Just over a month ago my Honey was here in town. Everytime I go to see her or she comes here I get very nervous. In the airport I pace at the waiting gate. I know that if I stand still I will explode. I also know that people stare at me as if I have three heads or am going to do something evil.

Her first night here we spent in Kent. All we did was have dinner and talk for a few hours, that was all that I had energy for. After working that night, just getting a nap, and then all the pacing at the airport I was amazed that I could drive to the hotel. Then next morning we drove to Olympia, went to Canvas Works, Earth Magic, and then had lunch at The Ranch House. Mmmm Love Amy’s BBQ. After lunch we drove to Portland.

I love Portland. We did lots of fun things there, wandered the Pearl, ate lunch at a yummy deli, and went to the Japanese Gardens. It was a beautiful soft rainy day. To wrap it all up we had dinner at my Aunt and Uncles. Good food, lots of wine and talk. Then next morning I took Honey to NCO as when I go to Portland I end up working one day there. Then we went to my Uncles boat, he is remodeling this thing and is almost done. It is beautiful.

Back up to Olympia to spend the night at my place then in the morning back to the airport.  We did the visit this way, not because we wanted to, but, because of my roommate. I love it when Honey comes to my house. We cook together, go for walks, play with the cats, cuddle on the couch. With the Roommate it is not comfortable doing that. She and I have no problem wandering the apartment in any form of dress or undress, sleeping until noon, or getting up at 3am. I missed that. I missed the intimacy of creating what a home could be like.

I love spending time with her and playing tourest in my own backyard.


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