Where I can be found on Saturdays

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This is where I go on Saturdays between running my errands. The coffee, a 16oz mocha never changes, the snack does. The snack depends on what they have and what I feel like having. I love the almond croissant, but I got there to late that Saturday to have one. I either have something to read, like my Nook in this picture, or I have some type of handicraft I do while I sit there and enjoy my weekly treat.

The coffee bar serves my favorite brand of coffee and that is Batdorf and Bronson. They have a local roasting place in Olympia and that is what I get for the house. I will alternate between the Dancing Goats and the Bohemian Blend. If I ever move from here I am going to have to special order all of my coffee to keep me happy.



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