House of Dark Shadows

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I read The House of Dark Shadows  by Robert Liparulo for the TBR Challenge. This is my fifth book for the challenge.

The House of Dark Shadows is a book that is written for grades 7 and 8. It is easy to follow, full of engaging characters, and could be for the right age a bit spooky.

When going in to read this book I thought that there was going to be a lot of religious christian undertones that would have been off-putting for me. That was not the case at all. There where bits about how there are no secrets or lies in the family. That is soon to be proven not the case, the kids are hiding things from the parents, and the dad is hiding things from the kids.

The book starts out a bit slow but that is the set up for the story. Then at times in the book it again slowed down, these again were set ups for the next action scene.  I really cannot talk about the plot of the book without giving anything away, and that is a bit hard with this book.

There are three children in the book two boys one is 15, the other 12, the girl is 7. Parents are there are well, Dad and Mom. The play of the parents I did not like. Yes, I know that the Dad has a secret and this is a plot point. In the first book the Mom is just there she is almost like a non character. She says things like “come eat” and “brush your teeth”. I did not like the fact that she is pushed into the background like that, and that all of the actions on the kids are how “like” Dad they are.  Having finished the book, I know what mom’s part is and I still do not like it.  If there was a book version of the Bechdel Test this one would be a fail. The only other female character in here that the mom talks to is the little girl. The dad interacts with different characters male and female that are not children or Mom.  OK off rant.

That being said, I do have the second book in the series and I will at some time read it. It is a good easy read with a cuppa and snack.


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