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The title of this post says a lot about this weekend.

Meh Friday, I had just gotten off a three day run at work and all 36 hours left me exhausted, so I came home and slept until about 1700. Not bad, I slept in a whole hour. Then I cleaned the house. Excitement at the old place there. Went to the gym, and read a book. The book was one that SOOO impressed me that I don’t even remember the title.

Saturday was more of the same. Sleep, workout. Oh this time I watched a very very bad movie. The lead in it always looked like he was in pain every time he sung. Yes, sung it was a musical Hillbillys in a Haunted House. Not even Basil Rathbone and Lon Chaney Jr could save this one. It was bad, and I like bad movies. This was not one that I liked, but then again I don’t like most country music. That might have something to do with it.

Sunday, was fun. D and I went up to Seattle to go to the Easter volksmarch. We, missed it by one day. So we went and had lunch then drove home. On the way home we started talking about doing the STP. I would love to ride the STP it will require lots of training, and preplanning. This years tickets are gone, but that is OK. I need lots more saddle time. I should explain what the STP is. It is a bike ride from Seattle to Portland, that is 202 miles in two days. There is a small percent of people who do the ride in one day. That this time would not be me. So we are going to start training for that.

Now, I have ridden long trips before, and one of the things that is needed is a good bike. I am going to have to get a new one. My bike is PINK, it looks like someone dunked it in pepto bismo. Yes, it is the original pain job. That is not why I need a new bike, the Pink Monster is just that a monster. It weighs more than an SUV, it has no gears, and to break just peadle backwards. Not a bike for an event like this.

Monday, went to the gym. Then walked Capital Lake. Went shopping. Excitement there. I am a party animal. I really need a sarcasm sign or emoticon.


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