Mink River

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I read Mink River by Brian Doyle for the To Be Read challenge. This was my book for March and I finished it on April 1st.

This book is hard to explain. I liked the way it started and ended but I thought that the middle was a bit lacking. The writing was lyrical, flowing and not for those who cannot put aside proper grammar.

For me this book was not told from the point of view of a character. It was as if the town its self was telling the tale of those who life in and outside of its boarders.  The reason that I think that is that some of the characters in the book do not have names, just titles. “The man who sold boxes”, “the nun”, “the doctor”. Then there are the ones with names, Worried Man, No Horses, Maple Head, Owen, Daniel, and Moses.

Out of all the characters “the man who sold boxes” and Moses were the ones that I liked the best. Not, because they were written in a different manner than the others, but I thought they were more rounded.

Would I recommend this book to others? Sure, but I would tell them that this book is not a quick read. Not something that can be read in a day, or two. It has to be savored over time.


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