The Sisters Grimm


For the Once Upon a Time challenge my first book is The Sisters Grimm the Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley.

One day the parents of Sabrina and Daphne disappear the only clue is a red hand print on the dashboard of their car. After a few stays in different foster homes, the kids are told that their grandmother is alive and will take them in.

That is where the fun starts. Sabrina age 12 is sceptical as her parents told her that grandma was dead. Daphne age 7 is a bit more open to the idea. The girls arrive by train to Ferrylanding N.Y. where grandma and her butler Mr. Canis are waiting.

Grandma and Mr. Canis are kidnapped by a giant who is looking for the Englishman. The kids, along with Pan, Mayor Charming, Mr. Seven and Officer Hamstead go looking for the giant and a way to get rid of him.

I liked this book, I thought it was cute and one that I would pass on to anyone who likes modern takes on fairy tales. One think I liked about this book was that Sabrina did not take things at face value. Having spent sometime in foster care she is a bit older than her 12 years, she still at times acts like a 12-year-old. It is a nice balance, and one that having read other books where this was the case hard to do. Mr. Buckley does it very will.

While this book is listed as a middle reader book, it is a great on for adults who just want to pick up something fun, light and enjoyable. I am going to have to read the  next one.


4 thoughts on “The Sisters Grimm

  1. Nice review. I do have a ‘thing’ for modern takes on fairy tales. I’m waiting to read Cinder – haven’t seen any reviews so will wait and see how that pans out.
    Lynn 😀

    • HI Lynn
      I have heard great things about CInder. I don’t know if I want to read that one yet. I have to wait and see.

      The Sisters Gimm was cute, I think there are 8 of them out now.

  2. I agree that it’s difficult to capture the child/grown elements of being 12-years-old, but I like what you’ve said about the character here. I’ve picked up books in this series so many times, but I haven’t yet taken the plunge. Sounds like fun, though!

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