Books, books, books.

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I wrote about going to Powell’s and picking up a few books that gives me five more that I have to read. Now that does not seem like a lot, but when it is added up with  my lists of books to read it is HUGE!

I have on my goodreads (love goodreads) shelves one called to-be-read. On that shelf I have 96 books to read. On my physical shelves at home I have about 25, then there is the list on my computer. That one is five pages long, yes five pages.  Then there is the list on the library’s website that has 50 books on it.

Yes, just so you know I do when I read a book see if it is on any one of those lists and if it is mark it off. That still does not mean that I don’t add more to read on a weekly basis. I will find one or two a week that I might want to read. Then there are weeks that I find no a single one, and I am fine with that.

When I read a book and I find out that I don’t like it for whatever reason I do not finish it. I have so many that I just move on the next one. 

I do have one book that I have to finish up tomorrow and get the review up so that it can be marked off on my TBR challenge. I had better get reading.


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